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Since 1959 SCALE DC Srl has been developing and manufacturing all types of ladders, scaffolding, platforms, stagecraft and cemetery equipment.

Thanks to highly qualified personnel, who pays attention to the smallest details in all manufacturing processes, our company grants safe and durable products tailored to the specific requirements of each customer.
The company’s facilities cover an area of approximately 3600 m², divided into two sites.
One is dedicated to the production of ladders, scaffolding and interior stepladders, whereas the other is dedicated to manufacturing of mobile elevating work platforms, customized ladders and stagecraft scaffolding according to customer’s drawing.

MATERIALS: SCALE DC processes all standard materials available on the market. Only the best suppliers with the most reliable materials have established themselves as our business partners.
Upon request we provide our customers with articles made out of:
– Painted and galvanized iron
– Stainless steel
– Aluminium

SCALE DC extensive product range includes among others:

  • Stepladders
  • Stools
  • Platform ladders Scaffolding
  • Working and lifting platforms
  • Trusses and stagecraft equipment

“Bespoke” is our strength. No standard product is meeting your requirements? You need a business partner that helps you out in overcoming the difficulties with a creative approach and a long manufacturing experience.

SCALE DC has established a very short implementation time for new, customized products.

Together with our designers and our customers, we work out special solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Furthermore, SCALE DC‘s expertise allow us to offer the following services:
– Product development
– Prototyping
– Process engineering
– Production of both standard and customized products

ASSETS: Our products are durable, easy to clean and reliable. Since its founding, SCALE DC manufactures according to the latest state of the safety and accident prevention regulations in force.

CREDENTIALS: Our customer portfolio includes world renowned leader companies in the machinery, industrial equipment, logistic equipment, vehicle construction and food industry fields, as well as large retailers chains and public railway and transportation companies (overview available on request).

Passion, commitment, professionalism, a more than 50 years experience in the field, along with integrity and reliability make out of DC SCALE a solid and trusted supplier.

We manufacture and supply ladders for:



  • standard industrial ladders
  • custom tailored Special ladders
  • access towers
  • aerial work platforms


  • Open staircases
  • stairs for lofts
  • stools
  • Mobile scaffolding for semiprofessional use
  • sliding stairs
  • retractable stairs


  • coffin lifters
  • standard and customized cemetery ladders
  • coffin lowering devices
  • coffin trolleys