• Via Marche, 9 20090 Fizzonasco di Pieve Emanuele (MI)

The Last Realizations

Scale DC: Customized Aluminium Ladders


Professional Ladders Since 1959
100% Made in Italy quality
Many Models, even tailor-made and customized.
ISO 9001 Standard



We take care of the maintenance and issue of the periodic verification document: industrial ladders, aerial platforms, trabatelli and cemetery equipment must be kept in a condition of full operational efficiency.


Our long experience as manufacturers allows us to carry out repairs on any type of industrial scale. Ours is a professional service able to solve any kind of problem.


We offer a rental service of graft scaffolds and aerial platforms to carry out extraordinary operations that do not justify their purchase. We take care of transport, delivery and assembly to facilitate the immediate use of the products.


We organize professional courses for staff training for work at height. The aim is to ensure that operators acquire the necessary skills to assemble and use the lifting platforms and graft scaffolding in total safety.

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