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The Last Realizations

Scale DC: Customized Aluminium Ladders


Professional Ladders Since 1959
100% Made in Italy quality
Many Models, even tailor-made and customized.
ISO 9001 Standard



According to article 71 of the legislative Decree 81/2008 that the equipment must be always kept in full working order. Scale Dc offers verification and maintenance service (also periodic) of ladders, AWP, scaffolding and cemetery equipment, also taking care of issuing document / declaration of occurred periodic verification..


We carry out the repair service on any type of ladder. A professional service able to solve any kind of problem. Our experience as producers provides us with an efficient and fast service in a very short time. Contact our technical department, also sending a photograph of the ladder or equipment to be repaired, and it will provide you with all the support to find the most economically advantageous solution for you!.

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