Ladders to access mezzanines and other internal spaces in a room or a warehouse have different conformations and features. Being a valid tool to access a higher or an intermediate floor, these type of professional ladders enjoy particular demand in various fields, both commercial and for domestic use. Mezzanine access ladders are particularly useful in order to reach attic spaces and also to store different types of goods. Let’s discover all types of mezzanine ladders.

Types of mezzanine stairs

The ladders to access mezzanine floors are conceived to be practical and safe at the same time. In most cases these products are ladders with handrails to facilitate the use of going up and down the stairs. We provide fixed or movable models according to the target space characteristics and the users’ needs, also taking into account several choices regarding the style and the surrounding interior design.

  • Fixed or mobile step ladder for mezzanine
  • Detachable mezzanine access ladder
  • Aluminum mezzanine access ladder
  • Retractable mezzanine ladder
  • Open staircase for mezzanine floor 

Interior step ladders for mezzanine

Usually this type of step ladder is used to save space where there is limited space or limited logistics availability in small rooms, little storage rooms etc. The advantage of these step ladders with handrails lies in the fact that they take up little space whilst maintaining a certain ease of use and safety. Made of aluminum, these custom made ladders are solid and stable, ensuring durability.

Our range of mezzanine stairs

Scale DC is proud to provide all sorts of mezzanine floor ladders customizable in the material, in the conformation and in style, according to the customer needs, the available space and the purpose of use. Our professional staff is able to provide a design suited to the features and spaces available with a project attentive to all technical, practical and safety needs. We take care of every detail, from the choice of materials to the technical design to create a mezzanine floor access ladder  that combines style and practicality of use, maximizing the resources and spaces available.

When to choose an open stair for mezzanine

When there is enough space, it is possible to design a custom-made open staircase to lead the access to the other floor. An open staircase allows the transport of bulky material with a more comfortable and agile movement. These stairs with or without handrails can be made with an infinite sort of different materials including iron, wood, aluminum, and with different types of railings. Allo the steps can be realized of different heights and sizes, according to the available space and purpose of use.

Retractable mezzanine ladders

In order to maximize the use of the lower floor, and also for stylistic choice or for other practical or aesthetic reasons, the retractable mezzanine ladders are a valid choice to access upper floors without a fixed and cumbersome structure. Detachable mezzanine ladders are also chosen for this reason in many contexts such as private houses and offices, supermarkets and shops, libraries, warehouses and much more.

Industrial ladders for lofts

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