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Scale DC: robust, customized, quality industrial ladders

Scale DC designs, manufactures and sells a wide range of industrial ladders in compliance with European standard EN 131 . The main feature of our business is to create custom-made aluminum ladders, customized and produced according to the customer’s design. Part of our technical office is dedicated to the study and design of customized ladders and the production areas within our plants take care of creating them. In this way we are able to guarantee products suitable to meet specific needs.

In our catalog you can also find a selection of models and types of standard ladders for the most common and widespread needs in the industrial and production sector

Scale industriali in alluminio

Industrial ladders for different uses

The ladders we make are characterized by: robustness, quality, customization, compliance with current regulations. Whatever the production and industrial field of application and whatever the use you will have to make of it, our ladders guarantee reliability and safety.