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Ladders with resistant and safety cage

We design and build stairs with cage in aluminum and customized, in order to be suitable to meet specific usage needs. The ladders with safety cage are particularly used in cases where it is necessary to have practical and safe access to buildings and structures, such as roofs, machinery or silos, which are not easily accessible due to their height. The presence of the cage avoids the risk of accidental falls and guarantees the safety of the operators during external interventions, even with unfavorable weather conditions. Our technical department is at your complete disposal to create the cage ladder suitable for your working and production needs. Contact us and send us the information and measurements of the ladder you need, we will develop the project and carry it out.

Vertical safety ladders: characteristics

The ladders with protective cage are safety ladders, they are made using only quality materials and accurate manufacturing techniques that guarantee stability and resistance. Scale DC production is characterized by:
  • fully welded cage;
  • anti-slip and knurled steps, fixed with self-locking screws;
  • standard spacers for fixing;
  • measures according to standards.
Furthermore, each single ladder can be further customized thanks to the wide range of options that we put at your disposal and that allow us to create customized cage ladders From the anti-intrusion hatch to side exit, from the intermediate resting platform to the landing platform: our catalog allows you to choose the solution that best suits your needs.

Scale DC: design, installation and maintenance

Scale DC takes care of all aspects concerning the cage safety ladders . We have highly qualified personnel and adequate equipment to carry out repair and overhaul works. At the same time, we carry out ordinary and extraordinary maintenance operations which have the aim of guaranteeing a longer life of the ladders and above all of avoiding operator accidents. Finally, upon request, we take care of the training of the staff who will have to use our ladders and, in particular, of those who will have the task of carrying out work at height using cage ladders . We offer a professional and complete service that covers all aspects related to the use of industrial ladders in a working context. Contact us Scale DC puts its professionalism at your disposal.