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Ladder solutions

Scale DC: innovative ladder solutions for every industrial and domestic need

Our effort is aimed at improving the products available on the market with increasingly advanced solutions in terms of efficiency, practicality and safety. We offer a wide range of customizable ladders to reach any kind of height covering a broad field of application. Products in compliance with the most updated European regulations to guarantee safety at any time. We have the right ladder available for every type of solution. 

Our aluminium ladders

We design and produce aluminium ladders of different types, painted and galvanized iron ladders or stainless steel ladders, from the most simple leaning ladders or step ladders to the warehouse ladders of various kind and different levels cage ladders, with all the safety optionals required to satisfy multiple needs and working situations. Service ladders and hop ups, check our catalogue to find the industrial ladder that best suits your project:

  • Ladders platform

  • Special customized ladders

  • Stepstools

  • Extension and combination ladders

  • Leaning ladders and other safety devices

Taylor-made industrial ladders

Our technical staff is at your disposal to project the tool that best suits your work needs with experience and expertise. We are able to realize and provide a good quality industrial ladder according to the height and to the conformation of your working space. From the steady and practical ladder platform to the most efficient and safe cage ladder, our ladders proposal adapts well to any type of application field. 

  • Warehouses and storage rooms

  • Rooftop and intermediate floors

  • Construction sites and factories

  • Airport and stations

  • Machinery and vehicles

  • Well and silos

  • Parking and shopping center

  • Libraries and bookstores

Ladder step for domestic use

For office use or housing, for repairing jobs, painting and maintenance work, but also to reach intermediate spaces, store goods or for library use, we provide practical and safe professional step ladders realized in different materials and conformations. Fixed ladders and foldable ladders or sliding ladders, visit the dedicated page on our website to find the ladder type for office or for house that you’re looking for, among household stepstools, retractable ladders, sliding ladders, industrial ladders for lofts, staircase and much more.

Ladders or outdoor use

If you need a product for gardening or to use at your vineyards, solid and durable ladders for hobby use and for roof access, for agriculture use, our professional ladders are suitable for external precision work, harvesting, maintenance, painting and many other outdoor activities.

Professional ladder manufacturer

Among the ladder manufacturers in Italy we are an outstanding company with more than 60 years of experience and a facility area that covers approximately 3600 m². There’s no ladder we can’t provide as there’s no height we can’t reach. We are committed to realize a safe and long lasting product, thanks to the highly qualified staff that operate paying attention to every detail in every process, from the design to the production phases.

Ladder for sale

Visit our website where you can find any type of modern and innovative stepladder, together with a vast assortment of scaffolding, platforms of any type and stagecrafts, cemetery equipment and many other products. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or for any doubt about our products, do not hesitate to contact us!


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Pedana per scavalco impianto - Work Platform Hop-Ups

Safety First: Best Practices for Using Work Platform Hop-Ups in the Workplace

How to use a work platform on a working space? Work platforms and hop ups are very stable and safe products to use, but there are some points which need to be paid attention to in order to guarantee safety during the use. What are the correct procedures when using a work platform hop up in a completely safe manner to avoid accidents of any type? Let’s consider together the most common practices for using work platform hop-ups

Fix type work platform ladders

Regarding all types of industrial ladders, there are safety provisions both for the construction of the product itself and for its use in the workplace. Professional products are always accompanied by detailed instruction manuals with all the precautions for use and for the product maintenance, since a correct maintenance is also very important to ensure safety. All users must be aware of the correct way to use the product.

Adjustable work platforms

In case of platforms and ladders adjustable in height, the user needs to make sure that the ladder is completely opened and blocked before use. Height adjustable work platforms have security blocks to avoid unpleasant surprises during the use.

Do not overload

Whether a simple step stool or a platform ladder, all of our products have a maximum load capacity. It is important that the user is concerned about the maximum load before using any type of ladder work platform, both for human weight and for the weight of equipment. The space of the platform also needs to be taken in consideration when positioning the working materials or other working equipment.

Work on flat surfaces

Work platforms ladders can be very solid and steady as far as they are used on flat surfaces. It is important to consider the consistency and the inclination of the land where the hop-ups are placed and avoid non-flat surfaces or slippery surfaces when using the work platform hop-ups.

Never exceed working height

Any ladder work platform has a maximum height. The working height can be considered the total sum of the platform height plus the height of the operator. Do not exceed the working height when positioning or working on elevated locations to store goods of just for maintenance work to avoid fallings. It is also important not to expose yourself from the platform during the work phases. Do not add additional height by using blocks or other material on top of the platform.

Work only on the platform

For different kinds of particular operation and particular heights, it is important to work only from the platform protected place and not to work on the steps. Work platform steps are anti-slip to facilitate the climbing on the platform but are not conformed to work on them at certain heights.

Do not combine two or more products together

Do not place one tool on top of another tool or build towers of any kind to reach high places. Each single product must be used in maximum safety due to its specific usage properties, and must not be used improperly.

Consider the weather before use

When using a product for outdoor use, always consider the weather conditions to avoid dangers and inconveniences. Do not use hop ups or platform ladders outside during rain, snow, high wind or under other similar adverse weather conditions.

For any other issue on matters of safety use of hop-ups, step stools and platform ladders feel free to contact our staff.

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Work Platform Hop-Ups for Construction and Maintenance: Versatile Tools for Various Industries

Simple but essential, work platform hop-ups and ladder platforms for construction sites and different work situations are a truly practical and versatile tool to facilitate work in reaching intermediate height positions. Professional hop ups as well as different types of step stools are built with a solid structure and are at the same time stable and easy to move, to place and to store. Let’s discover how these products are of big help in so many and various contexts and places.

Hop up work platforms 

This tool is usually used in many work sites when there is no need for a ladder but a valid low small platform is required for maintenance, repairing, painting or store goods. The one step platform is square and usually adapts for 1 person for the smallest product, while there are different models with wider platforms that allow and facilitate movement during the work or more than one person at the time. A professional hop up, usually made of aluminium or fiberglass, can be of different height as well, and there are several models according to the situations and needs. Fix type hop-ups and foldable hop-ups are particularly useful for small jobs at construction sites, warehouses, car repair shops, but also for outdoor use such as gardening or agriculture related works. 


In the category of the stepstools we can find many types of small and low work platforms with one to four or five steps, or without steps, according to the need and the height of use. We can have fixed type step stools as well as foldable step stools, easy to store and to transport. The material of the step stool can vary from wood to aluminium. A particular sturdy step stool is a great support for different types or work:

  • Step stool for kitchen

  • Step stool for libraries

  • Step stool for mechanics

  • Step stool for painting

  • Step stool for supermarket

Custom made step stool and work platform hop up 

Scale DC, thanks to its pluriannual experience on the field of design and realization of industrial ladders and related products, has a wide range of height adjustable work platforms and step stools of various kind. Most of our products are customizable according to the customer request in height, size and material. We pay particular attention to grant a safe and pratical working tool to satisfy the most demanding customer.

Ladder platforms

As already mentioned above, a vast assortment of ladder platforms or podium ladders of different height are available from our catalogue. Platform with ladders is very useful in different situations but always need several protection optionals to ensure safety during the use, as well as anti-slip surface and steps, and feet with anti-slip rubber tips. Also for this category of product we can have special folding types as well as fix type or movable models.

  • Fixed platform ladder

  • Foldable platform ladder

  • Sliding podium ladder

Scale DC products

Our field of expertise range from professional ladders for domestic use up to other industrial products such as aluminium-scaffolds and aerial platforms, there’s no height we are not able to reach. Our products suit construction sites, cemetery, green areas and many industrial use and are realized with technical designs  according to the most strict European Regulations, and are customizable according to usage needs.

Contact our staff for your more details!

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Scala speciale con piano a sbalzo, stabilizzatori e ruote - Platform Ladders

Platform Ladders for Industrial Use: Optimizing Productivity in Warehouses and Factories

In industrial contexts such as warehouses, ports and airports, factories and industrial plants the platform ladders optimize by far the production processes thanks to its versatility and ease of movement. Light and easy to transport, these types of professional ladders facilitate a whole series of operations to reach height differences and high workstations, facilitating the work of the operators. Let’s see together how and why these industrial ladders can be so useful and safe at the same time.

Safe ladder stairs platform

Ladders with platforms have a safety ladder platform that ensures the safe work of the operator thanks to its protection, wider steps, anti-slip surface and many other safety options. Reducing the risk of accidents and falls or injuries, a good industrial step ladder can be of much help in many working situations optimizing the whole operation process.

Movable and versatile ladder with platform

This type of industrial ladder is made of aluminum, light and movable, and can be easily positioned according to the needs. Doesn’t require additional maintenance and reduces the cost of building and dismantling obsolete and bulky structures. Easy to be transported, contributes even more to reducing transport costs and times.

Easy to store and durable

The platform ladders are made with a long lasting material and, as said above, do not require particular maintenance. Furthermore, most of the products can be easily stored and they do not take up space unnecessarily, avoiding to hinder the work of other operators or machines moving around the workplace.

Multi purpose ladder with platform

The multi purpose ladder stairs platform, needless to say, can be used for various purposes without the need for other structures. It can be used to reach elevated storing places and also for working on industrial machines for operation and for maintenance, to fix and solve problems, loading and unloading goods and technical instruments and much more with a single ladder platform.

Main types of platform ladder

In industrial contexts such as warehouses and factories, the use of platform ladders is in great demand. Scale DC has a wide range of customizable ladders with platform that can suit industrial plant and storage rooms and enrich its selection with special use ladders and other related products:

  • Mobile platform ladder  
  • Rolling platform ladder 
  • Tank ladder with platform 
  • Folding platform ladder 
  • Fix platform ladder 
  • Special platform ladder 

Not only platform ladders

Scale DC is specialized on design and realization of customizable ladders and platforms of any sort to meet work needs in warehouses and work facilities, according to the most strict European safety regulation on ladders construction, with many industrial products for warehouses and factories. Besides the ladders with platform for industrial use, our special customizable ladders line includes:

  • Cantilevered platform 
  • Bridge type ladders 
  • Different types of service ladders 
  • Ladder with lever 
  • Towable ladders 
  • Picking ladders 
  • Aerial ladders and much more 

Platform ladders on sale

Visit our website to discover all of our products and contact us for further information. We are able to provide valid and durable custom made products according to any requirement in terms of height, angle, obstacle, workstation, working and safety requirement, in accordance with the updated European directives on ladder construction and safety regulations.

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Scala speciale con piano a sbalzo, sistema di movimentazione a leva - platform ladder

Choosing the right platform ladder: factors to consider for safety and efficiency

Which are the main factors to take under consideration when choosing the correct ladder platform for industrial use? When is the safety component well concerned and the product efficient and valid for the purpose of usage? Let’s have a look into the world of the ladder stairs platform to discover in depth all of its features and advantages.

Safe and efficient platform ladder 

A ladder with platform is an industrial ladder with a space for the operator on the top of the ladder that allows and facilitates the work, and which must be anti-slip and completely safe. For this reason, a particular attention is dedicated not only in the solidity and stability of the construction, a fully welded structure to guarantee rigidity, stability and robustness, but also it should be concerned the safety of the platform itself, such as:

  • Enough space for the operator to work

  • Anti-slip surface of the platform

  • Anti-fall protection around the platform

  • Protection shoulder chain in case of need

  • Fixed toe boards

Ladder platform systems

There are several types of ladders with platform according to various needs of use. The most simple model is the step ladder with platform, which is a common step ladder with a wider space on the top, and it is used for simple work operations, such as house work, at garages, repair shops, vineyards, for gardening, storage rooms and so on. A professional platform step ladder, instead, has a podium that requires all of the safety protection mentioned above and it is used in several situations as a service ladder or to work on machinery, warehouses, industrial plants, to access transportation means and much more. 

Multi purpose ladder with platform

As already said above, these types of multi-purpose ladders are very versatile and can be realized with different shapes and heights, can be fixed or sometimes foldable, but in most cases movable, those can be positioned according to the needs. These platform ladders have wheels and handles for transportation and can be equipped with several safety optionals:

  • Liftable arms at the platform

  • Detachable gate or inward opening gate

  • Wider steps to ensure foot support

  • Wheels with brake system

  • Lever movement system

  • Adjustable anti-tipping axle

Ladder work platform

Many types of platform with ladders can be realized with a technical design according to the conformation of the target place of use. So we can realize and customize, for example: double platform ladders or double ramp platform ladders, “U” shape or “L” shape ramp platform ladders, single ramp platform ladders, modular platforms and many other products of different sizes, length and height.

Customizable ladder with platform

Thanks to its experience in the field of industrial ladders realization, Scale DC is able to design and realize any kind of industrial platform ladder according to the client’s needs and for any type of work, in compliance with the most updated European safety regulations.

Platform ladders for special use such as ladders for tanks and ladders with platform customized in size, height, material and conformation, to reach and work on machines and other industrial worksites.

Have a look at our online catalogue to check out our products line up and contact us with all of your requirements. Our technical staff will be happy to reply to you with all the information you need for your next project.

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Scala da Appoggio in Alluminio Verniciato Bianca - aluminium ladders

The advantages of aluminium ladders: lightweight, durable, and versatile

If you are to choose an aluminium ladder for your next work, you have probably made the best choice ever. Most of the industrial use ladders, in fact, are made of aluminium to guarantee safety and stability, as well as many other advantages during the work, the storage and the transportation phases. Let’s see together which are the main advantages of the aluminium ladders as well as their main features and purposes.

Light and easy to move industrial ladders

The industrial ladders and platforms for construction works and industrial plants are realized in aluminium to ensure lightness and ease of movement. In fact, in most cases, the professional ladders need to be moved and positioned many times, and also transported to different locations and worksites. Lightweight is indeed a great advantage of this type of product to save workload and transportation costs.

Durable and solid ladders for outdoor and indoor use

Once you buy a valid industrial aluminium ladder this must be long lasting and resistant. The material of the ladder, the aluminium, has this very unique feature which is to be resistant, solid and durable at the same time. It is resistant against bad weather, does not rust and lasts a long time both indoors and if left outdoors for a long time.

Multi-purpose stable ladders for any type of work

Aluminium, as said before, is a very resistant and waterproof material which gives the ladder solidity and stability but it is also adaptive to different situations. Aluminium ladders are very versatile and can be used in different contexts granting safety and rigidity. Easy to clean and for quick maintenance, the material adapts well also for different types of customization at low cost.

Industrial aliminium step ladders 

Industrial step ladders, made of aluminium or fiberglass, suits for outdoor use for house maintenance work or agriculture, gardening and many other works. Easy to store and to transport, these products are in most cases foldable and extensible, granting solidity and resistance.

Aluminum cage ladders and platform ladders

Conceived to be used in several industrial contexts, safety work ladders to reach elevated altitudes such as the ladders with protection cages and the platform ladders are customizable with different safety optional and size. They are particularly robust and solid, granting safety. 

Service ladders in aluminium

Scale DC provides a vast choice of service ladders to meet the most diverse needs of use, to give access to various worksites according to the conformation of the target place. Different inclination levels as well as different shapes and heights, direct or lateral access, leaning or fix model, and much more. Discover our custom-made aluminium service ladders, weather resistant and long lasting.

Special customized aluminium ladders

Our customizable ladders are also made of aluminum to provide our customers with all the above advantages, such as quality, strength, stability and safety, together with a satisfactory after-sales service and maintenance.

Safe aluminium ladders for work use

All of our products are realized according to the latest european safety regulation and suits worksites of any type. Our products include operation manuals and are designed according to the highest safety standard in order to guarantee safety during the use and avoid any type of accident.

Contact our technical staff to ask for the best aluminium ladder for your next project!

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podium step ladder

Choosing the right podium step ladder for efficient worksite operations

In order to facilitate the working operations at high altitudes, the industrial step ladder is well suited with technical and safety features appropriate for every situation. The podium step ladder is always equipped with a platform space on top that can be customized according to need, which is particularly qualified. Let’s check together all the features of the podium step ladders, adaptable to multiple modes of use.

Podium step ladders types

In addition to the different heights of steps ladders, this type of industrial ladder has different aspects in terms of material, conformation and technical and safety features. Fixed aluminum ladders, mobile warehouse ladders or sliding podium ladders, and folding versions for transportation, Scale DC offers a wide variety of aluminium ladders with podium for different needs and situations, both for internal use and for external use.

  • Fixed podium ladders
  • Movable podium step ladders
  • Folding podium step ladders
  • Special folding podium ladders 

Application fields of step ladder

The steps ladders are particularly useful and versatile for maintenance work in different contests, especially when they have a convenient and stable platform that enables the operator an agile and safe work. The industrial step ladders can be exploited in storage rooms and warehouses, industrial plants and construction sites, for painting works and to operate or fix mechanical machines, but they’re usage range it is very wide and can include as well: shops and supermarkets, bookstores and libraries, parking sites, wine cellars, cemetery and much more.

Safety features of the warehouse ladders

All our products are designed with strict attention to the most up-to-date safety regulations for professional and private use and to avoid accidents, falls or injuries of any kind. Besides the conformity regulations such as the European Standard EN 131, there are several security optionals and protection system you need to considerate when you choose an industrial ladder, such as:

  • Safety railings
  • Anti-slip corrugated steps
  • Non-slip surface platform
  • Anti-tipping axles
  • Shoulder chain
  • Wider steps
  • Anti-closing rods for foldable model types 

Fixed podium step ladders

The fixed warehouse ladder is equipped with a comfortable platform to facilitate the operator in every working operation with regular safety railings and a welded structure that is extremely rigid and stable. It has wheels that can be used for transportation and can be realized in several materials.

Foldable podium step ladders

The folding ladder is equipped as well with a safe platform and protection railings and can be folded to be stored in little room. Equipped with solid anti-folding bars and wheels that can be used when the ladder is raised.

Sliding podium step ladders

The sliding ladder has a welded structure for optimal rigidity and stability and anti-slip steps. It can be realized for lateral use or for frontal use. Wheels at the base are equipped with a safety brake system.

Ladders for sale

The professional ladders of Scale DC are conceived in compliance with the current european regulation and can be completely customizable according to the request and needs of the customer. In addition to the mentioned podium step ladders, our catalogue also includes different choices of industrial ladders such as cage ladders and stepstools, tanker ladders and many other products.

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realizzazione scale su misura - special custom-made ladders

The advantages of special custom-made ladders for your projects

From service ladders to the most common platform ladder, our product range covers all kinds of professional ladders to satisfy the most diverse use and needs. Special custom-made ladders are introduced in this context as an avant-garde solution for tailor-made projects and suitable for not indifferent needs of detail and precision, with numerous advantages. Let’s discover together all the benefits of the customized ladders for professional and special use.

Adjustable ladders for any kind of project

First of all, the adjustable ladder adapts with different solutions to meet various construction-type needs with a dedicated technical project, by size, method of use, safety protections and conformation.

Specifically, custom-made ladders can reach all sorts of heights, have wider or large platforms to facilitate the work of the operators, different types of safety protection such as protective cages, side protections and handrails, personalized accesses, together with multiple safety options such as rubber wheels, sophisticated brake systems, etc.

Secondly, the conformation and shape of the taylor-made ladder can suit different type of buildings, it can reach or climb over machinery of all kinds, give and facilitate access to airplanes, trains and ships, it can be fixed or mobile and sliding, frontal or lateral, free-standing or set in the wall, depending on the conformation of the place and the purpose of use.

Finally, the ladders can be customized in the material for internal or external use, transportation needs, weight capacity and weather resistance. Light and resistant alluminium ladders, iron and wood, the professional ladders can be realized in different materials to satisfy long lasting and suitable performance, granting safety, solidity and stability. 

Custom-made ladders of any type

Professional made-to-measure ladders can be customized in different ways just as ladders of different types can be adapted for multiple uses. Scale DC realizes according to client needs and specific requests for different types of industrial ladders. Our production line includes any type of customized ladder for professional use, including cemetery equipment and aerial platforms. Our customizable products vary from the industrial type ladder to the service ladder, such as, for example:

  • Telescopic step ladder
  • Platform ladder
  • Bridge type ladder
  • Modular or movable platform
  • Towable ladder
  • Sliding ramps
  • Stools of any height
  • Cage ladder
  • Tank ladder

Customized ladders for the industrial sector

Most of the custom-made ladders are required for professional and industrial use to facilitate the access to elevated places, to mechanical machines or transportation means, and to facilitate work or maintenance at high altitudes or at work stations that are difficult to reach. A tank ladder is particularly useful for the maintenance of tanks or tanker trucks, whilst the cage ladder can reach elevated access points with a particular protection. Different customized ladders or slides are suitable to load or unload materials as well. The special use taylored ladders are required in many fields such as:

  • Manufacturing Sector
  • Airport, Port and Train Stations
  • Warehouses and Sheds
  • Roof Access
  • Ecological Platforms
  • Climbing Lines and Walkways
  • Agriculture and Forestal use
  • Shops, Supermarkets and much more

Ladders for sale

Visit our website and discover all the variety of our products realized in compliance with the updated and current safety regulations. Download our catalogue and choose the type of ladder that best fits your needs. Contact our technical department to ask for more details and order a special custom-made ladder for your latest project. 

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