To reach high altitudes work place of buildings’ outsides, traffic lights, electric-towers, antennas, commercial billboards and other tall structures for maintenance work or paintings, repairing, cleaning or restoration works, the aerial platform is an extremely reliable solution that allows you to operate in complete safety for both short and long-term interventions. Scale DC provides different types of aerial work platforms, also with a convenient rental solution.

Where there is no enough space

These types of platforms are a perfect solution where there is little space to operate and also for temporary works at height. The mobile platform has the advantage of being easily transportable and to be positioned according to the needs. Most of the products are automatic platforms that allow you to reach different heights in complete safety, with an anti-fall protection basket for 1 to 2 people.

Stable and safe platforms

All models of industrial platforms are conceived to be stable and guarantee safety at all times. The solidity of the platforms comes from their construction features and the material, as well as from different systems of stabilizations. The main characteristic is the elevator that allows one or more operators to reach the height without efforts, including the possibility to carry tools and other instruments for repairing or maintenance works or to load heavy goods on high levels.

Aerial work platforms types

Aerial platforms are extremely versatile machines for carrying out various types of work at heights ensuring maximum safety. Particularly suitable for lifting operators and instruments of all types to heights, they are used in various sectors such as:

  • Gardening and Forestry;
  • Construction Sites;
  • Buildings Restyling;
  • Factories;
  • Photovoltaic Systems;
  • Electric Plants and Antennas;
  • Movings and so on.

Aerial platform with stabilisers

Compact just as the following models with counterweight, this platform is adapted both for external and indoor use with different stabilisation areas. The basket can have a wider capacity up to two persons (200 kg) and it is equipped with four extractable stabilisers and a practical electrical panel with safety device diagnostics. Its small dimension allows an easy passage through standard-size doors when folded close.

Aerial platform for immediate use

This TTAL-I model is thought to be used without stabilisers and it is equipped with a rudder and 2 stabilizers for fixing height imbalances. The basket has a capacity of 1 person (120 kg) and can be provided with a self-propelled version with basket board control.

Aerial platform with counterweight

Easy to handle, handy, silent and taking up little space, this TTAL lifting platform in aluminium is a valid partner in works at height in enclosed spaces. It is equipped with an extractable basket for one person (120 kg capacity) and provides an extraction up to 60 cm. The counterweight base helps reduce the stabilization area and allow closer work to the front walls.

Platforms and lifts

SCALE DC offers to companies and private individuals an aerial platform rental service with or without operator, vertical and articulated aerial platforms with different characteristics of both power supply and work capacity, to meet every type of need. In addition, please visit our webpage to discover more about special lifting platforms and material lifters

For any other request, do not hesitate to contact us!

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