The industrial ladders to give access to all kinds of tall buildings, machines, mezzanines and many other destinations comply with high international safety standards and are customized to satisfy every kind of need with resistant and long-lasting materials. The access ladder is designed in every detail to guarantee safety and stability with resistant and rust-proof materials such as aluminum or iron with galvanized coatings.

Ladders and access

In order to design a valid and durable access ladder, it is important to consider various construction prerogatives such as solidity and aspects related to safety. Scale DC sets itself the task of guaranteeing safety and validity for each of its products, from the simplest mobile ladder to the most complex access ladders such as cage ladders and ladders for special use. Let’s discover together some of the main features of the aluminum and steel ladders, according to the type and main scope.

  • Access to roof top
  • Access to silos
  • Access to machines and machinery maintenance
  • Access to elevated floors

Service ladders and aluminium ladders

The aluminum ladder to access elevated places such as upper floors, raised platforms and mezzanines is adapted to the shape of the place of use with different shapes, different ramps and different levels of inclination. In any case, this type of stairs are equipped with railings or handrails to ensure an adequate level of protection, anti-slip steps and other safety measures.

Safety ladders and caged ladders

The steel and aluminum ladders with cage to access elevated worksites and rooftops are always equipped with a welded safety cage and anti-slip steps, and are particularly resistant to adverse climate conditions. The solid and anti-rust materials guarantee durability and reduce the need for maintenance interventions, making them a particularly valid product for outdoor use and durable over time.

Special customized ladders and tank ladders

In the field of industrial special ladders to access any type of platform, machinery or tank and vehicles, customized steel ladders are made with the proper safety protections to allow the users a safe and comfortable use during the operations and the maintenance work. Movable products are always equipped with wheel brakes and anti-tilting boards.

Retractable ladders and extension ladders

Practical and space-saving retractable ladders are designed with solid and safe mechanisms and light and long-lasting materials, giving life to mechanized ladders, sometimes even motorized, for the most varied purposes of use, access to attics, roof top, upper floor and much more. 

Solutions for outdoor use and roof access

All our products for outdoor use and roof access are realized with resistant material and can be customized in shape and height to facilitate the access to elevated sites, warehouses, roof-tops, balconies and terraces, connect buildings and structures.

Our range of aluminium ladder online 

Ready made products such as aluminum leaning step ladders, podium ladders, stepstools and many other professional ladders are available online together with customizable sliding ladders and other industrial tailor-made ladders in our catalog for your reference. Furthermore, Scale DC is able to provide any type of tool to reach elevated worksites, from the industrial ladders to the scaffold towers, aerial platforms and special lifting products.

Discover the range of Scale DC’s cutting-edge products today and elevate your workspaces. Explore now! 

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