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How cage ladders can safeguard workers in high-traffic areas

When you climb high you need to pay attention to your personal safety as well as that of others. From an elevated high vertical ladder it is possible to slip, fall or accidentally drop objects and work tools causing personal injury or injury to those below. What precautions should be taken into consideration when working at high altitudes? Let’s see together some characteristics of cage ladders.

Industrial ladder with protection

A caged ladder is an industrial ladder used to climb on tall buildings and to gain access on roof tops in most cases, but also to descend to underground levels such as car parking and wells. A vertical safety cage ladder is provided in order to protect the worker or the user from falling from high altitudes, to avoid accidental dropping of objects and to guarantee safety in high-traffic areas.

Ladder safety cages

A cage ladder is equipped with a welded safety cage to protect against accidental slip and falling during the climbing or the works at high place. Our products comply with the workplace safety provisions updated at national and international level, right from the design and construction phase, using valid and safe, stable and robust materials that take into account loading weights and atmospheric conditions.

The international safety directives 

According to the international safety regulation on worksites and to access facilities and machines, both in Europe and in the rest of the world (as for example in the U.S.A. with the OSHA ladder cage), a cage ladder must respect very precise parameters in manufacturing to protect the user and guarantee safety in all its aspects. The safety construction provisions consist in several points regarding, for example:

  • Loading capability

  • Rest platforms

  • Rungs minimum distance

  • Minimum width between side rails

  • Minimum clearance between the climbing side and any obstruction

  • Maximum pitch degree

  • Resistant and safety cage

  • Guardrails protection

Application field of ladders with cage

Cage ladders are used in many fields to access elevated heights in complete safety, as already mentioned above. In most cases, a caged ladder is provided for external use, granting durability. The application scenarios mainly concern tall buildings, silos, warehouses, roof-tops, antennas, parking sites and machinery access. The design of a ladder with cage can take into consideration different purposes and places of application, they are properly fixed on walls and can be created in different ways depending on needs, with rest platforms, walkways etc.

Our ladder with safety cage

Scale DC stands out for the creation of work ladders that comply with safety regulations, using qualified, solid and durable materials, offering tailor-made products of excellent workmanship. Our offer includes ladders with cages of all height levels and different shapes for applications of all types. Furthermore, we offer several types of safety optionals to suit any type of needs, such as anti-intrusion hatch to side exit, intermediate resting platform, landing platform of different types, extractable bottom extending ladder and other security features on request.

Maintenance and training

Using a safety cage ladder in a correct manner ensures safety at the workplace. We provide training programs for operators and users at any level to support companies and construction sites in the use of our ladders. We also provide a maintenance service to guarantee prolonged use of our products, while ensuring that all safety aspects are in order.

Contact now our technical designers for your next project with a completely safe ladder with safety cage!

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