Whether there is a need to access a building rooftop, big silos, to repair an antenna or in the maintenance of big structures in the field of transportation such as highways or railways, the safety ladders for special applications are among the most safe and practical solutions when we face work situations at elevated height. Customizing safety ladders is one of our main activities in the production of industrial stairs.

Industrial stairs in compliance with safety standards

What we provide is a stable, solid and safe product at all times. According to the Italian Legislative Decree n.81/2008, in matters of security on conformation of stairs, all safety ladders higher than 5 meters must comply with a safety cage to avoid accidental falls of the user during the use or during the maintenance work. All of our products are realized according to the most strict updated regulations regarding the safety at work, with fall protection on ladders.

Customized caged ladder

A ladder with safety cage is used in the field of safety ladders as a valid and safe support to reach particularly elevated workspaces, both for external or internal use, and to give access on top of tall buildings or machinery, in order to allow maintenance works in a vast number of applications. The caged ladder can be customized according to the height and the purpose of use using different resistant materials and also customized in its structure according to the conformation of the destination site.

In particular, a vertical ladder which has a welded safety cage above five meters height can be customized with several intermediate resting platforms of different size, side exits, retractable platforms and landing platform of any kind, in case of need.

Its access can be customized to prevent the use by non-experts or ill-intentioned people, with different types of closing gates, such as:

  • Security doors or locks at the entrance
  • Anti-intrusion hatches
  • Extension ladder for access

Safety ladder for particular use

Among the safety ladders for particular use, Scale DC provides several customized industrial ladders for unique applications to give access to silos, antennas, electricity plant and lines, industrial facilities and also for the maintenance of different types of machineries, elevated highways and railways, bridges, wells, underground stations and parkings. 

All of our products are realized with weather resistant and load resistant material, combined with different safety options such as anti-slip steps and protections of any types to guarantee durability, safety and efficiency of use even outdoors and under bad-weather conditions.We are also able to provide different safety devices for the operators.

Our qualified staff is able to provide a satisfactory repairing and maintenance service which aims to guarantee a long-lasting product, in order to avoid untoward accidents and failures.

Not only cage ladders

Our product line offers a great variety of industrial ladders for professional use, granting safety and durability. Our custom made products are realized according to the client’s need to access any sort of height in total safety. We provide sliding podium ladders, service ladders, special customized ladders, aerial platforms and scaffold towers to meet every type of need in the industrial and commercial sectors.

Discover the range of Scale DC’s cutting-edge products today and elevate your workspaces. Explore now!

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