Industrial ladders to give access to rooftops are designed to guarantee safety and efficiency at the same time, with a robust and well fixed structure. A metal roof access ladder should have all the proper safety features to reduce fall risks, such as handrails, side rails and anti-slip steps to provide safety as well as enough mobility space. Aluminum roof access ladders of Scale DC are a valid solution in order to reach roof-tops of any level with the maximum safety.

Professional roof access ladders types 

The aluminum ladders to access the rooftops are made according to professional technical drawings by our technical staff, taking into account all aspects related to user safety and comply with EN ISO 14122 regulations for construction and safety at work.

According to the height and length of the ladder, the products are equipped with all the required protective devices such as welded protective cages and handrails, and in most cases they are adequately fixed to the reference structure.

Robust and high-quality material

The material used to realize professional ladders to access the roofs is solid and robust, anti-rust and fireproof and in addition to guaranteeing stability and rigidity, it is particularly resistant over time and to the most extreme climatic conditions. Aluminium ladders for rooftop access are conceived mainly for external use granting durability and do not require special maintenance.

Taylor-made fixed ladders customized for every need

The ladders are meticulously made to measure, with a solid and safe anchoring system taking into account the reference project, the space available to the operator, the distances of the steps and all the safety distances required by law.

The aluminum fixed roof access ladder is designed to allow safe climbing and walking down, the transport of work material, external climatic conditions such as wind, rain and snow, and a whole series of anti-slip and anti-fall options.

Different ladder access types

Both the access to the fixed ladder and the arrival platform are designed to allow the user agile movements without obstacles and facilitate operations in order to guarantee, here too, safety and tranquility.

The access to the staircase can be either with extension or with a safety gate based on the customer’s needs and requests or due to particular design requirements:

  • Fixed roof access ladder with direct access

  • Fixed roof access ladder with extension

  • Fixed roof access ladder with gate

Ladder top landing solutions

The roof landing solutions of the fixed ladder depend on the shape of the structure and the angle of the staircase, with landing platforms, landing platforms with ladder, side exits, extended exits and so on. Also the inclination of the steps can vary according to the vertical ladder inclination, and is thought to guarantee safety and stability in movements.

Vertical ladder with safety cage

Vertical fixed ladders that exceed a certain height level are built with a protective safety cage to prevent accidental falls and can be equipped with rest platforms or intermediate platforms, regulated in accordance with safety standards.

Safety cage ladders are the most common roof access ladders used to access tall buildings rooftops. All types of safety aluminum ladders can be provided with several optionals, including safety kits made up of anti-fall devices, ropes and harness, on request.

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