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Exploring the versatility of industrial ladders in the workplace

Safe and solid industrial ladders in the vast panorama of the construction and workplaces, safety ladders made to measure to meet different types of work needs, realized with valid materials and resistant to adverse weather conditions: here are all the characteristics of the practical tools to reach high altitudes of different levels in complete safety.

Different in shapes and measures

The professional aluminum ladders are properly designed in accordance with the client’s requests in order to deal with the different construction and work situations, with solid anchoring systems and adequate protections to guarantee maximum reliability during climbs and working operations.

  • Aluminum service ladders

  • Aluminum leaning ladders

  • Fix or folding ladders

  • Safety cage ladders

  • Extensions and combination ladders

  • Climbing lines and walkways

Resistant and solid materials

The industrial ladders use materials designed to resist weight, pressure and bad weather conditions such as rain, wind, humidity and extreme temperatures, in order to guarantee durability and solidity. Particularly suitable for external use, the ladders for industrial use can also be adopted in internal contexts, being installed not only in warehouses and goods depots, but also in factories and construction sites of all kinds.

Fix ladders and movable ladders

The industrial ladders that are needed to access elevated levels are in most cases fix type ladders, such as service aluminum ladders or ladders with safety cage, with proper protections such handrails, safety welded cages, anti-slip steps and different types of access, platforms and exits. 

Mobile types ladders are quite useful in contexts where the space is limited or where there is a particular need to move around in different heights. In these situations, extremely rigid and stable sliding podium ladders, ladders on rails and ladders with wheels with non-slip surface platforms and anti-tipping board base come in handy for positioning, maintenance and storage work.

Service ladders for industrial use

To give access to tall buildings, silos, mezzanine, platforms and machinery, the service ladder is a valid approach that guarantees a convenient and agile mobility with multiple and different solutions while maintaining a high standard of safety in all operating and work modes, such as:

  • for the transport of material and personnel;

  • for maintenance services and work at heights;

  • for emergency evacuation situations.

Versatile, practical and safe ladders

To explore the versatility of professional work ladders, download our catalog where you can find professional ladders suitable for every purpose and use, compliant with workplace safety and construction regulations, which can be made on request to meet work and height needs of every kind.

Tailor-made and customized professional ladders

Scale DC is a valid partner in Italy for the design and construction of industrial use ladders for all kinds of work situations and multiple reference sectors, from the transport sector to the naval sector, machinery, construction sites, in the logistics and up to the cemetery context

Contact us and we will be ready and happy to support you with inspections, technical drawings, creation of tailor-made projects, installation and maintenance services.

Do not miss our offer of rental service for vertical aerial platforms and other ladder equipment!


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Catwalks and elevated walkways: enhancing accessibility in industrial facilities

To ensure safety work at high level over industrial facilities and roof tops, to give proper access to elevated worksites and heights, professional ladders, catwalks and different types of equipment must be designed with all the relevant prerogatives.

Skywalks and industrial ladders

The world of industrial ladders and platforms to facilitate the access to high-levels is quite varied and takes into consideration different facets. From aspects related to safety, those relating to anti-slip and anti-fall measures, to the robustness of the materials, their resistance against bad weather and rust, up to the practical aspects to streamline working methods and facilitate operators in all their phases: from the simple climb to the upper floors up to the possibility of working and carrying objects.

For these reasons, the design of professional ladders and catwalks to support movement to and from raised floors, work on roofs and access to silos, antennas, construction sites and elevated workstations, require a certain competence and experience in the sector, in the knowledge of safety and material regulations, as well as high design capabilities.

A wide range of products

From the simple catwalk to more complicated platform systems, there are a huge variety of tools and industrial step ladders to facilitate the work at high altitudes, taking in consideration the most strict safety criteria.

Scale DC provides a wide range of platform step ladders industrial and professional, to face any type of needs. Among our products you can find different helpful solutions to meet the most disparate needs, in complete safety:

  • Vertical Cage ladders
  • Platform Scaffold Towers
  • Aerial Platforms
  • Special Customized Ladders
  • Service Ladders
  • Catwalks

Modular catwalk systems

To combine  efficiency with practicality of use and safety at work, the catwalk systems for construction sites and access to buildings, roofs and warehouses are made to measure and with different methods, materials and sizes.

Different types of walkways are designed and built to suit different needs, with safety grates, handrails and parapets, fixed and modular depending on the reference project:

  • Access catwalks and mezzanine systems
  • Safety grating catwalks
  • Steel catwalk systems
  • Customized catwalks
  • Long distance walkways

Catwalks and EN ISO 14122

As well as all types of industrial ladders, catwalks are regulated at an international level according to well-defined and insurmountable safety criteria.

The ISO 14122 states its standards for minimum requirements when the same means of access is required as the part of the buildings or civil constructions, regarding for example, work platforms, stairs, stepladders and guard-rails and fixed ladders.

Scale DC realizes runaways in compliance with the updated international safety standards conceiving its dimensions, loading capacity, safety protections and construction materials.

Measure to made industrial access tools, ladders and platforms

All of our platforms and catwalks are made with all safety precautions, handrails and anti-slip surfaces, making use of cutting-edge materials in order to guarantee practicality and particular durability at the same time.

Our experts are able to design professional safety ladders, walkways and all sorts of tools to access elevated workstations, with particular attention to construction and maintenance costs.

Contact us for more details or send your requirements through the online module!

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Scala speciale con piano a sbalzo, sistema di movimentazione a leva - platform ladder

Maximizing efficiency: warehouse ladder systems and their benefits

To reach shelves and platforms, assemble and load goods, up to the repairs of machinery and for the maintenance of different types of systems, the warehouse ladder is an extremely indispensable tool which is designed properly, according to the highest safety and resistance criteria.

Among the projects of warehouse ladders, the industrial ladders are a point of reference as regards the safety, usability and functionality of the entire system.

Safety ladders for a safe environment

To ensure the maximum safety at workplace in warehouses and sheds, the industrial ladder systems are properly designed with resistant materials and all the safety precautions to avoid workplace accidents, falls and unpleasant incidents.

The professional safety ladders of Scale DC comply with local and international workplace safety regulations in order to ensure maximum reliability and correct support in all work phases.

Warehouse ladders for all circumstances

Different types of warehouse ladders to meet every sort of need to reach heights of any level, for loading and unloading goods, for arranging material in complete safety, in an orderly manner, and giving the operator the ability to carry out the work in a streamlined and agile manner.

Fixed and mobile step ladders, podium ladders, leaning ladders, special customized ladders in galvanized iron steel and aluminum, designed according to the precise scope of use and the target place’s measures.

Podium ladders for warehouses

Our range of podium ladders are conceived to meet different needs, to always be available and easily transportable. The mobile warehouse steps are offered with handrails and non-slip surfaces to prevent accidents; braking systems and rubber feet to ensure correct stability and to support the weight of both the operator and the goods.

We customize warehouse ladders on wheels that can be easily stored and used at any convenience, lightweight but solid at the same time.

The convenience of using sliding ladders

To reach shelves vertically, but also horizontally, sliding ladders are an excellent space-saving solution. Stairs that are fixed but mobile at the same time which guarantee ease of use and practicality, sliding on a track in an easy and safe manner, facilitate the work of the workers, for the positioning of packages and goods of different types and sizes.

Professional ladders for warehouses

We have presented several types of warehouse step ladders that can be customized according to the customer needs. Among our product line, we can suggest a wide choice of step ladders and stools to suit warehouse and sheds use:

  • Folding step ladders
  • Customizable service ladders
  • Sliding podium ladders
  • Front rolling ladders
  • Modular ladders
  • Special custom-made ladders

Design your warehouse step ladder

For your warehouse accessibility project, do not hesitate to contact our staff for the realization of warehouse stairs that can best satisfy every work need. Our experience in the field of industrial ladders allows us to provide a valid and high-performance product that takes into account all aspects, from safety to the durability of the system, maintenance and after-sales service, with particular attention to aspects related to cost-performance and product quality.

Ladders and lifters for warehouses

Besides the traditional warehouse step ladder, Scale DC is able to provide different solutions to reach high levels, to positionate and load goods of any type with special ladders and lifters. Visit our website for more details!

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Scala speciale per accesso a botte

Access ladder materials and durability

The industrial ladders to give access to all kinds of tall buildings, machines, mezzanines and many other destinations comply with high international safety standards and are customized to satisfy every kind of need with resistant and long-lasting materials. The access ladder is designed in every detail to guarantee safety and stability with resistant and rust-proof materials such as aluminum or iron with galvanized coatings.

Ladders and access

In order to design a valid and durable access ladder, it is important to consider various construction prerogatives such as solidity and aspects related to safety. Scale DC sets itself the task of guaranteeing safety and validity for each of its products, from the simplest mobile ladder to the most complex access ladders such as cage ladders and ladders for special use. Let’s discover together some of the main features of the aluminum and steel ladders, according to the type and main scope.

  • Access to roof top
  • Access to silos
  • Access to machines and machinery maintenance
  • Access to elevated floors

Service ladders and aluminium ladders

The aluminum ladder to access elevated places such as upper floors, raised platforms and mezzanines is adapted to the shape of the place of use with different shapes, different ramps and different levels of inclination. In any case, this type of stairs are equipped with railings or handrails to ensure an adequate level of protection, anti-slip steps and other safety measures.

Safety ladders and caged ladders

The steel and aluminum ladders with cage to access elevated worksites and rooftops are always equipped with a welded safety cage and anti-slip steps, and are particularly resistant to adverse climate conditions. The solid and anti-rust materials guarantee durability and reduce the need for maintenance interventions, making them a particularly valid product for outdoor use and durable over time.

Special customized ladders and tank ladders

In the field of industrial special ladders to access any type of platform, machinery or tank and vehicles, customized steel ladders are made with the proper safety protections to allow the users a safe and comfortable use during the operations and the maintenance work. Movable products are always equipped with wheel brakes and anti-tilting boards.

Retractable ladders and extension ladders

Practical and space-saving retractable ladders are designed with solid and safe mechanisms and light and long-lasting materials, giving life to mechanized ladders, sometimes even motorized, for the most varied purposes of use, access to attics, roof top, upper floor and much more. 

Solutions for outdoor use and roof access

All our products for outdoor use and roof access are realized with resistant material and can be customized in shape and height to facilitate the access to elevated sites, warehouses, roof-tops, balconies and terraces, connect buildings and structures.

Our range of aluminium ladder online 

Ready made products such as aluminum leaning step ladders, podium ladders, stepstools and many other professional ladders are available online together with customizable sliding ladders and other industrial tailor-made ladders in our catalog for your reference. Furthermore, Scale DC is able to provide any type of tool to reach elevated worksites, from the industrial ladders to the scaffold towers, aerial platforms and special lifting products.

Discover the range of Scale DC’s cutting-edge products today and elevate your workspaces. Explore now! 

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Ladder solutions

Scale DC: innovative ladder solutions for every industrial and domestic need

Our effort is aimed at improving the products available on the market with increasingly advanced solutions in terms of efficiency, practicality and safety. We offer a wide range of customizable ladders to reach any kind of height covering a broad field of application. Products in compliance with the most updated European regulations to guarantee safety at any time. We have the right ladder available for every type of solution. 

Our aluminium ladders

We design and produce aluminium ladders of different types, painted and galvanized iron ladders or stainless steel ladders, from the most simple leaning ladders or step ladders to the warehouse ladders of various kind and different levels cage ladders, with all the safety optionals required to satisfy multiple needs and working situations. Service ladders and hop ups, check our catalogue to find the industrial ladder that best suits your project:

  • Ladders platform

  • Special customized ladders

  • Stepstools

  • Extension and combination ladders

  • Leaning ladders and other safety devices

Taylor-made industrial ladders

Our technical staff is at your disposal to project the tool that best suits your work needs with experience and expertise. We are able to realize and provide a good quality industrial ladder according to the height and to the conformation of your working space. From the steady and practical ladder platform to the most efficient and safe cage ladder, our ladders proposal adapts well to any type of application field. 

  • Warehouses and storage rooms

  • Rooftop and intermediate floors

  • Construction sites and factories

  • Airport and stations

  • Machinery and vehicles

  • Well and silos

  • Parking and shopping center

  • Libraries and bookstores

Ladder step for domestic use

For office use or housing, for repairing jobs, painting and maintenance work, but also to reach intermediate spaces, store goods or for library use, we provide practical and safe professional step ladders realized in different materials and conformations. Fixed ladders and foldable ladders or sliding ladders, visit the dedicated page on our website to find the ladder type for office or for house that you’re looking for, among household stepstools, retractable ladders, sliding ladders, industrial ladders for lofts, staircase and much more.

Ladders or outdoor use

If you need a product for gardening or to use at your vineyards, solid and durable ladders for hobby use and for roof access, for agriculture use, our professional ladders are suitable for external precision work, harvesting, maintenance, painting and many other outdoor activities.

Professional ladder manufacturer

Among the ladder manufacturers in Italy we are an outstanding company with more than 60 years of experience and a facility area that covers approximately 3600 m². There’s no ladder we can’t provide as there’s no height we can’t reach. We are committed to realize a safe and long lasting product, thanks to the highly qualified staff that operate paying attention to every detail in every process, from the design to the production phases.

Ladder for sale

Visit our website where you can find any type of modern and innovative stepladder, together with a vast assortment of scaffolding, platforms of any type and stagecrafts, cemetery equipment and many other products. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or for any doubt about our products, do not hesitate to contact us!


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Scala da Appoggio in Alluminio Verniciato Bianca - aluminium ladders

The advantages of aluminium ladders: lightweight, durable, and versatile

If you are to choose an aluminium ladder for your next work, you have probably made the best choice ever. Most of the industrial use ladders, in fact, are made of aluminium to guarantee safety and stability, as well as many other advantages during the work, the storage and the transportation phases. Let’s see together which are the main advantages of the aluminium ladders as well as their main features and purposes.

Light and easy to move industrial ladders

The industrial ladders and platforms for construction works and industrial plants are realized in aluminium to ensure lightness and ease of movement. In fact, in most cases, the professional ladders need to be moved and positioned many times, and also transported to different locations and worksites. Lightweight is indeed a great advantage of this type of product to save workload and transportation costs.

Durable and solid ladders for outdoor and indoor use

Once you buy a valid industrial aluminium ladder this must be long lasting and resistant. The material of the ladder, the aluminium, has this very unique feature which is to be resistant, solid and durable at the same time. It is resistant against bad weather, does not rust and lasts a long time both indoors and if left outdoors for a long time.

Multi-purpose stable ladders for any type of work

Aluminium, as said before, is a very resistant and waterproof material which gives the ladder solidity and stability but it is also adaptive to different situations. Aluminium ladders are very versatile and can be used in different contexts granting safety and rigidity. Easy to clean and for quick maintenance, the material adapts well also for different types of customization at low cost.

Industrial aliminium step ladders 

Industrial step ladders, made of aluminium or fiberglass, suits for outdoor use for house maintenance work or agriculture, gardening and many other works. Easy to store and to transport, these products are in most cases foldable and extensible, granting solidity and resistance.

Aluminum cage ladders and platform ladders

Conceived to be used in several industrial contexts, safety work ladders to reach elevated altitudes such as the ladders with protection cages and the platform ladders are customizable with different safety optional and size. They are particularly robust and solid, granting safety. 

Service ladders in aluminium

Scale DC provides a vast choice of service ladders to meet the most diverse needs of use, to give access to various worksites according to the conformation of the target place. Different inclination levels as well as different shapes and heights, direct or lateral access, leaning or fix model, and much more. Discover our custom-made aluminium service ladders, weather resistant and long lasting.

Special customized aluminium ladders

Our customizable ladders are also made of aluminum to provide our customers with all the above advantages, such as quality, strength, stability and safety, together with a satisfactory after-sales service and maintenance.

Safe aluminium ladders for work use

All of our products are realized according to the latest european safety regulation and suits worksites of any type. Our products include operation manuals and are designed according to the highest safety standard in order to guarantee safety during the use and avoid any type of accident.

Contact our technical staff to ask for the best aluminium ladder for your next project!

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