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Pedana per scavalco impianto - Work Platform Hop-Ups

Safety First: Best Practices for Using Work Platform Hop-Ups in the Workplace

How to use a work platform on a working space? Work platforms and hop ups are very stable and safe products to use, but there are some points which need to be paid attention to in order to guarantee safety during the use. What are the correct procedures when using a work platform hop up in a completely safe manner to avoid accidents of any type? Let’s consider together the most common practices for using work platform hop-ups

Fix type work platform ladders

Regarding all types of industrial ladders, there are safety provisions both for the construction of the product itself and for its use in the workplace. Professional products are always accompanied by detailed instruction manuals with all the precautions for use and for the product maintenance, since a correct maintenance is also very important to ensure safety. All users must be aware of the correct way to use the product.

Adjustable work platforms

In case of platforms and ladders adjustable in height, the user needs to make sure that the ladder is completely opened and blocked before use. Height adjustable work platforms have security blocks to avoid unpleasant surprises during the use.

Do not overload

Whether a simple step stool or a platform ladder, all of our products have a maximum load capacity. It is important that the user is concerned about the maximum load before using any type of ladder work platform, both for human weight and for the weight of equipment. The space of the platform also needs to be taken in consideration when positioning the working materials or other working equipment.

Work on flat surfaces

Work platforms ladders can be very solid and steady as far as they are used on flat surfaces. It is important to consider the consistency and the inclination of the land where the hop-ups are placed and avoid non-flat surfaces or slippery surfaces when using the work platform hop-ups.

Never exceed working height

Any ladder work platform has a maximum height. The working height can be considered the total sum of the platform height plus the height of the operator. Do not exceed the working height when positioning or working on elevated locations to store goods of just for maintenance work to avoid fallings. It is also important not to expose yourself from the platform during the work phases. Do not add additional height by using blocks or other material on top of the platform.

Work only on the platform

For different kinds of particular operation and particular heights, it is important to work only from the platform protected place and not to work on the steps. Work platform steps are anti-slip to facilitate the climbing on the platform but are not conformed to work on them at certain heights.

Do not combine two or more products together

Do not place one tool on top of another tool or build towers of any kind to reach high places. Each single product must be used in maximum safety due to its specific usage properties, and must not be used improperly.

Consider the weather before use

When using a product for outdoor use, always consider the weather conditions to avoid dangers and inconveniences. Do not use hop ups or platform ladders outside during rain, snow, high wind or under other similar adverse weather conditions.

For any other issue on matters of safety use of hop-ups, step stools and platform ladders feel free to contact our staff.

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Scala speciale con piano a sbalzo, sistema di movimentazione a leva - platform ladder

Choosing the right platform ladder: factors to consider for safety and efficiency

Which are the main factors to take under consideration when choosing the correct ladder platform for industrial use? When is the safety component well concerned and the product efficient and valid for the purpose of usage? Let’s have a look into the world of the ladder stairs platform to discover in depth all of its features and advantages.

Safe and efficient platform ladder 

A ladder with platform is an industrial ladder with a space for the operator on the top of the ladder that allows and facilitates the work, and which must be anti-slip and completely safe. For this reason, a particular attention is dedicated not only in the solidity and stability of the construction, a fully welded structure to guarantee rigidity, stability and robustness, but also it should be concerned the safety of the platform itself, such as:

  • Enough space for the operator to work

  • Anti-slip surface of the platform

  • Anti-fall protection around the platform

  • Protection shoulder chain in case of need

  • Fixed toe boards

Ladder platform systems

There are several types of ladders with platform according to various needs of use. The most simple model is the step ladder with platform, which is a common step ladder with a wider space on the top, and it is used for simple work operations, such as house work, at garages, repair shops, vineyards, for gardening, storage rooms and so on. A professional platform step ladder, instead, has a podium that requires all of the safety protection mentioned above and it is used in several situations as a service ladder or to work on machinery, warehouses, industrial plants, to access transportation means and much more. 

Multi purpose ladder with platform

As already said above, these types of multi-purpose ladders are very versatile and can be realized with different shapes and heights, can be fixed or sometimes foldable, but in most cases movable, those can be positioned according to the needs. These platform ladders have wheels and handles for transportation and can be equipped with several safety optionals:

  • Liftable arms at the platform

  • Detachable gate or inward opening gate

  • Wider steps to ensure foot support

  • Wheels with brake system

  • Lever movement system

  • Adjustable anti-tipping axle

Ladder work platform

Many types of platform with ladders can be realized with a technical design according to the conformation of the target place of use. So we can realize and customize, for example: double platform ladders or double ramp platform ladders, “U” shape or “L” shape ramp platform ladders, single ramp platform ladders, modular platforms and many other products of different sizes, length and height.

Customizable ladder with platform

Thanks to its experience in the field of industrial ladders realization, Scale DC is able to design and realize any kind of industrial platform ladder according to the client’s needs and for any type of work, in compliance with the most updated European safety regulations.

Platform ladders for special use such as ladders for tanks and ladders with platform customized in size, height, material and conformation, to reach and work on machines and other industrial worksites.

Have a look at our online catalogue to check out our products line up and contact us with all of your requirements. Our technical staff will be happy to reply to you with all the information you need for your next project.

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