Industrial aluminum ladders are the most common type of professional ladder used in a vast variety of contexts, both for external use and for indoor solutions. Practical, lightweight and solid, these industrial ladders have many advantages that make them the first choice in construction sites, workplaces and other operation fields. Let’s discover all the advantages of the aluminium ladders, from their design to the fields of application.

Why the alluminium ladders are preferred for professional use

One of the main features of the aluminum ladder lies precisely in the material used to make them. In addition to being particularly resistant to adverse climatic and environmental conditions, this material is quite practical and resistant, capable of withstanding heavy loads, easily transportable and easy to maintain:

  • Anti-rust and corrosion-resistant

  • Durable and solid

  • High load capacity

  • Lightweight and easy to transport

  • Fireproof and non-magnetic

  • Cost-effective over time

  • Easy to clean

  • Eco-friendly

Safe and reliable ladders

As already mentioned, this material offers excellent advantages in terms of value, resistance, modularity and stability. Aluminum ladders are therefore particularly suitable for contexts of all kinds to reach workstations at heights, guaranteeing stability and safety, with little and simple maintenance and notable economic advantages in the quality-cost management ratio.

Aluminum ladders type

From the most safe ladders with safety cage to the service ladders, the ladders made with aluminum are used in many working contexts granting safety at work and practicality. In the industrial ladders context, you might find an infinite types of solutions for this kind of professional use ladders, such as:

  • Cage Ladders

  • Extension and Combination Ladders

  • Industrial Stepladders

  • Leaning Ladders

  • Parapets

  • Podium Ladders

  • Service Ladders

  • Sliding Podium Padders

  • Special Customized Ladders

  • Tanker Ladders

  • Stepstools and much more

Industrial use ladders for outdoors

Taking into consideration one of the fundamental characteristics of professional aluminum ladders, which is to be anti-rust and weather resistant, this type of work ladder is chosen as the main tool in external contexts, for service ladders as well as emergency ladders, to access tall buildings as well as external constructions of all types, antennas, silos, etc.

Practical and lightweight ladders for multi-purpose use

As for internal use and for small works, transportable and folding ladders in aluminium are most commonly used due to their lightweight and easy to move prerogatives. These types of multipurpose ladders are very convenient in warehouses, libraries and bookstores, supermarkets, garages and repair shops but also for housekeeping works, painting works, repairing works and many other kinds of small commitments.

Foldable ladders are easy to store while sliding podium ladders and other types of sliding ladders are a valid support for storing, cataloging, repairing and maintenance works.

Simple ladders to be used everywhere

Easy to maintain and versatile in design, aluminum ladders are made with different adaptability for various purposes and context:

Custom-made and ready made products of Scale DC

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