To reach shelves and platforms, assemble and load goods, up to the repairs of machinery and for the maintenance of different types of systems, the warehouse ladder is an extremely indispensable tool which is designed properly, according to the highest safety and resistance criteria.

Among the projects of warehouse ladders, the industrial ladders are a point of reference as regards the safety, usability and functionality of the entire system.

Safety ladders for a safe environment

To ensure the maximum safety at workplace in warehouses and sheds, the industrial ladder systems are properly designed with resistant materials and all the safety precautions to avoid workplace accidents, falls and unpleasant incidents.

The professional safety ladders of Scale DC comply with local and international workplace safety regulations in order to ensure maximum reliability and correct support in all work phases.

Warehouse ladders for all circumstances

Different types of warehouse ladders to meet every sort of need to reach heights of any level, for loading and unloading goods, for arranging material in complete safety, in an orderly manner, and giving the operator the ability to carry out the work in a streamlined and agile manner.

Fixed and mobile step ladders, podium ladders, leaning ladders, special customized ladders in galvanized iron steel and aluminum, designed according to the precise scope of use and the target place’s measures.

Podium ladders for warehouses

Our range of podium ladders are conceived to meet different needs, to always be available and easily transportable. The mobile warehouse steps are offered with handrails and non-slip surfaces to prevent accidents; braking systems and rubber feet to ensure correct stability and to support the weight of both the operator and the goods.

We customize warehouse ladders on wheels that can be easily stored and used at any convenience, lightweight but solid at the same time.

The convenience of using sliding ladders

To reach shelves vertically, but also horizontally, sliding ladders are an excellent space-saving solution. Stairs that are fixed but mobile at the same time which guarantee ease of use and practicality, sliding on a track in an easy and safe manner, facilitate the work of the workers, for the positioning of packages and goods of different types and sizes.

Professional ladders for warehouses

We have presented several types of warehouse step ladders that can be customized according to the customer needs. Among our product line, we can suggest a wide choice of step ladders and stools to suit warehouse and sheds use:

  • Folding step ladders
  • Customizable service ladders
  • Sliding podium ladders
  • Front rolling ladders
  • Modular ladders
  • Special custom-made ladders

Design your warehouse step ladder

For your warehouse accessibility project, do not hesitate to contact our staff for the realization of warehouse stairs that can best satisfy every work need. Our experience in the field of industrial ladders allows us to provide a valid and high-performance product that takes into account all aspects, from safety to the durability of the system, maintenance and after-sales service, with particular attention to aspects related to cost-performance and product quality.

Ladders and lifters for warehouses

Besides the traditional warehouse step ladder, Scale DC is able to provide different solutions to reach high levels, to positionate and load goods of any type with special ladders and lifters. Visit our website for more details!

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