Safe and solid industrial ladders in the vast panorama of the construction and workplaces, safety ladders made to measure to meet different types of work needs, realized with valid materials and resistant to adverse weather conditions: here are all the characteristics of the practical tools to reach high altitudes of different levels in complete safety.

Different in shapes and measures

The professional aluminum ladders are properly designed in accordance with the client’s requests in order to deal with the different construction and work situations, with solid anchoring systems and adequate protections to guarantee maximum reliability during climbs and working operations.

  • Aluminum service ladders

  • Aluminum leaning ladders

  • Fix or folding ladders

  • Safety cage ladders

  • Extensions and combination ladders

  • Climbing lines and walkways

Resistant and solid materials

The industrial ladders use materials designed to resist weight, pressure and bad weather conditions such as rain, wind, humidity and extreme temperatures, in order to guarantee durability and solidity. Particularly suitable for external use, the ladders for industrial use can also be adopted in internal contexts, being installed not only in warehouses and goods depots, but also in factories and construction sites of all kinds.

Fix ladders and movable ladders

The industrial ladders that are needed to access elevated levels are in most cases fix type ladders, such as service aluminum ladders or ladders with safety cage, with proper protections such handrails, safety welded cages, anti-slip steps and different types of access, platforms and exits. 

Mobile types ladders are quite useful in contexts where the space is limited or where there is a particular need to move around in different heights. In these situations, extremely rigid and stable sliding podium ladders, ladders on rails and ladders with wheels with non-slip surface platforms and anti-tipping board base come in handy for positioning, maintenance and storage work.

Service ladders for industrial use

To give access to tall buildings, silos, mezzanine, platforms and machinery, the service ladder is a valid approach that guarantees a convenient and agile mobility with multiple and different solutions while maintaining a high standard of safety in all operating and work modes, such as:

  • for the transport of material and personnel;

  • for maintenance services and work at heights;

  • for emergency evacuation situations.

Versatile, practical and safe ladders

To explore the versatility of professional work ladders, download our catalog where you can find professional ladders suitable for every purpose and use, compliant with workplace safety and construction regulations, which can be made on request to meet work and height needs of every kind.

Tailor-made and customized professional ladders

Scale DC is a valid partner in Italy for the design and construction of industrial use ladders for all kinds of work situations and multiple reference sectors, from the transport sector to the naval sector, machinery, construction sites, in the logistics and up to the cemetery context

Contact us and we will be ready and happy to support you with inspections, technical drawings, creation of tailor-made projects, installation and maintenance services.

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